Facial Reflexology

What is facial reflexology?

The face can be seen as a map of the body in the same way as foot (and hand) reflexology, and can be the perfect alternative if you are interested in the benefits of reflexology but are reluctant to have your feet worked on.

What happens during a treatment?

To ensure your continued wellbeing, all treatments begin with a full and confidential consultation which enables your therapist to ensure facial reflexology is right for you, and to prepare a suitable treatment plan. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions.

You will then be asked to lay on the couch, with special attention given to ensure you are comfortable and warm. If appropriate your face will be cleansed before specially chosen oil(s) are applied (can also be done without oil). I will then proceed with the treatment, working on reflex pressure points on your face. It is a very relaxing, and many clients fall asleep during the treatment.

What are the benefits of facial reflexology?

Facial Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment, supporting your body and working on the same healing principles of foot reflexology.

Helping your body function optimally the treatment aims to:

How long is a session?

At Yorkshire Body Clinic we offer 30, 45 and 60 minute appointments for facial reflexology, however please allow an additional 15 minutes for your free, full consultation at your first appointment.

How many treatments will I need?

No two people or treatments will be the same and it depends on whether the treatment is for remedial purposes to address specific concerns, or as part of a health maintenance and/or stress relief programme. For remedial purposes an initial course would generally be recommended whilst a session every month to six weeks should be sufficient for non remedial purposes. Your therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you in consultation and review it at each subsequent session.

How will I feel after facial reflexology?

As reflexology promotes the body’s own healing mechanisms some type of response is generally expected. For most people this will be a sensation of well-being and feeling extremely relaxed, energised or rejuvenated after the session. Again however, everybody is different and some people may experience other responses such as feeling cold or emotional or nauseous. These are also signs that the healing process has begun and will usually dissipate within 24 – 48 hours.

Your therapist will have based and adapted your treatment on information provided in consultation and it is recommended that you drink plenty of water the day of treatment and the previous and following day to minimise the chance of more uncomfortable responses. Aftercare advice will be given after each session, including some reflex points for you to work on your face or hands between sessions if appropriate.

Can everyone enjoy facial reflexology?

This therapy is suitable for most people, however there are circumstances where treatment may not be appropriate or may need to be adapted. If you are unsure whether this will apply to you, please do not hesitate to contact me