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Children's Clinic

I am registered with Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) as a children’s clinic, and offer very special rates for babies and children.

What is Bowen therapy for children?

Bowen for children is very gentle and can be used from newborn, and most babies and children will find it a very relaxing experience.

You are very welcome to bring your child’s favourite book or toy if you feel this would help them to settle or feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

What happens in a treatment session?

You will be present at all times during the treatment and each session, just like my adult treatments, is adapted to the individual child. All treatments are carried out through light clothing and I use precise, gentle rolling movements over soft tissue – fascia – stimulating the nervous system to promote healing and aid pain relief.

Some children may want to sit on their parents or guardians knees initially, while others may be happy to sit or lay on the couch but I also work with children who like to move around in between the Bowen ‘moves’. In my clinics I am able to adapt the room to enable freer movement for walking or crawling if the child prefers this. Small babies can be held by mum or dad, who may also have a few – very welcome! – Bowen moves themselves.

Sessions usually take 15-30 minutes however prior to the first session there will be a full consultation so further time should be allowed. This can be at the appointment, or some information can be taken in a telephone consultation if there are issues more appropriate to discuss without your child present.


What are the benefits of Bowen for children?

As with Bowen for adults, we are treating the body as a whole, not named conditions, and therefore there is the potential for change anywhere.

Some of the benefits of Bowen, reported by parents, may include:

  • Better concentration

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Enhanced motor control and behaviour leading to calmer, happier children

  • Some children may need regular treatment for the best results.

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